I Borghi in Festa (June)

The small medieval village of Opi, on the occasion of the year of the villages, has joined the call of the Minister of Cultural Heritage, to promote in May, a great event in which to raise the authentic value of the Villages. A great opportunity to enhance the natural, human, cultural and artistic heritage of the Italian villages, which represent an extraordinary heritage of our country. For the occasion, the most beautiful villages in Italy of the Abruzzo Region took part in the day of celebration, with food and craft stands representative of their country and territory. The Association Pro Loco of Opi, in collaboration with the Municipality, opened its doors to the first edition of “I Borghi in Festa.” The ancient village of Opi, Saturday 3 June 2017, was animated by a series of initiatives and events to discover art, traditions, culture, typical gastronomy, ancient crafts and popular music … an appointment for those who love simple and genuine things !!! The initiative responds to the growing demand for old traditional flavors and aims to enhance and promote the eno-gastronomic heritage of the entire territory and to preserve the historical memory linked to the environmental conditions, customs and traditions of the local population. The small medieval village, at the foot of the Marsicano, in the heart of the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise, closes its doors to the post-modern era for a “sensory” journey between the flavors and history of the Abruzzo lands and its traditions. Along the streets of the village will be located gastronomic stands where you can taste traditional dishes, every corner of the country, for the occasion, will dress rich, unique aromas and special aromas evidence of authenticity and the uniqueness of typical products. All the squares and alleys of the historic center will be transformed into shops and interactive workshops, where the artisans, as story-tellers, will tell and recall ancient rites and ancient crafts with the help of animals, local crafts and tools of the past. For a day the medieval village has pulled the plug with the present and visitors will also have to “respect the rules”: no cars, only mules and horses, no electricity, only torches and candles … and when the night arrives, the village, as d ‘enchantment, will dress with joy and a magical atmosphere, enlivened by good live music, with folk groups, full of fun and enjoying the sense of peace that you will breathe.