Identity card of the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park

The National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise was born at first as a Royal Hunting Reserve, with the aim of safeguarding the most animal species.

The first proposal to set up the National Park of Abruzzo was made by prof. A. Ghigi, president of the Emilian company “Pro Montibus et Sylvis” who in 1917 presented an official project of a very extensive Park and therefore difficult to realize.

Later in 1921 the municipality of Opi rented the Pro Montibus association to the Camosciara coast of Val Fondillo to create a first protected mountain core. The following year, the Private Authority of the National Park of Abruzzo was established by private initiative. Erminio Sipari; Later in Opi, also other municipalities such as Bisegna, Civitella Alfedena, Gioia dei Marsi, Lecce of the Martians, Villavallelonga and Pescasseroli gave way to their territories.

The Park could be said to have been set up so much that it was officially recognized by the decree of 1923 for a total of 18,000 hectares. The plan has extended to 40,000 hectares over the 60,000 hectares of the External Protection Zone.

Concerned municipalities:

(Alto Sangro) Pescasseroli, Opi, Civitella Alfedena, Villetta Barrea, Barrea, and Alfedena;

(Marsica Fucense) Bisegna, Gioia dei Marsi, Lecce of the Marsi, and Villavallelonga;

(Valley of the Sagittarius) Scanno;

(Val di Comino) Alvito, San Donato Comino Valley, Campoli Appennino, Picinisco, Settefrati, and San Biagio Saracinisco;

(Mainarde) Pizzone, Castel San Vincenzo, Rocchetta al Volturno, Scapoli, and Filignano.

Natural environment:

The territory of the Park is a meeting of mountain ranges, with rounded bushes and unusual alpine and cobbled areas that offer tourists a delightful landscape evoking the charm of a primitive world. The rocks are predominantly of limestone, but near the Camosciara there are dolomite limestones (dolomites) that display an Alpine appearance and retain the flowing waters that, in turn, form creepy streams and picturesque waterfalls.