Opi Warning:


The Village of Opi is a medieval village with 420 inhabitants, in the heart of the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise. In 2009 it was chosen  as one of the “Most Beautiful Villages in Italy” and in 2016 Orange Flag. Surrounded by the mountains, Opi, above a rocky promontory, overlooks the enchanting valley below, where the Sangro River flows smoothly. Halfway between Pescasseroli and Villetta Barrea, Opi is one of the villages in the heart of Abruzzo National Park, to be visited. Located at 1,250 meters above sea level, Opi has the distinctive charm of the Abruzzo Mountains.  Built around the year one thousnd, it presents an urbanistica typical structure of the Medieval age: a double row of houses it on both sides, side by side, like the ring of walks defend to the Village, from surrou  external attacks. The urban structure,  reveals what should be the true meaning of the placename, namely Oppidum, “Fortified Castle”. Seen from above it seems in winter it looks like a ship in the middle of an ice expanse, in summer an island in the middle of a green sea, makes it a fascinating and attractive place.



To reach the village of Opi, you have to go on a scenic road.

You can park the car just outside the historic center, and before reaching the old town, you can stop at the Belvedere of Opi.

The promenade in the Village will offer many photographic inspirations;in fact you can take pictures of characteristic alleys, panoramic views, breathtaking nature.