Sagra degli Gnocchi (August)

his prestigious event entertains and satisfies, as always and ever, the thousands of visitors who present themselves punctual and numerous to an event that has now become indispensable for lovers of nature, enogastronomy, music and local specialties. An appointment, now fixed, in the initiatives organized by the Pro Loco Association in the “Impronta Culturale” program, which involves all generations, young people and adults, in a collaboration that invites to experience the event, to taste it, in every aspect , both for the joy of the palate and for the joy that blazes playful in the air. From the arrival in the central square, where the stand-Sagra is located, one can not but be attracted and captivated by the delicious scent of “Gnocchi Opiani” and the expert hands of the housewives of the country who prepare typical dishes with skill and passion. All accompanied by good wine, lots of good music for all tastes, happiness and hospitality. The taste, typically homemade, is inserted in a particular context, offered by the scenery of the pretty medieval village. After having delighted the palates of the participants, the festive evening continues many other surprises; all to live. To conclude the evening, the show of fireworks in the historic center. This festival has become the traditional event of the end of August, in a healthy and natural environment, in a perfect interweaving of medieval architectural structure and naturalistic landscape that surrounds it, of lush mountains full of woods, flora and fauna of the National Park of Abruzzo. You just have to rush numerous!