DEAR FRIENDS, We inform you that the Tourist Association Pro Loco Opi is included in the list of associations that carry out social, cultural, recreational and tourism promotion activities, for which it is possible to allocate the 5 per thousand of the personal income tax return. Therefore, if you wish, at the time of the 2021 tax return (with reference to the 2020 tax period), 5 per thousand of IRPEF will be allocated to the PRO LOCO OPI Association!
This choice will not entail any tax burden for you and will constitute a sign of solidarity towards the Borgo di OPI.
This can be done using the "CHOICE FOR THE DESTINATION OF FIVE PER THOUSAND" sheet contained in the tax return form (CUD, 730 or UNICO), by affixing your signature in the space "Support for voluntary work and other non-profit organizations of social utility, social promotion associations and recognized associations and foundations operating in the sectors referred to in art. 10, c. 1, lett. a), of the Legislative Decree n. 460 of 1997 ”and inserting the Fiscal Code of the Pro Loco Opi in the boxes below.
TAX CODE 81006040661
Your gesture is very important to us !! Each donation will allow OPI to always be at the forefront; all the sums will be reinvested in the country through historical, cultural and recreational events, social activities and tourism promotion aimed at all those who live it every day and those who want to know it.

Multiply your help, communicate your choice to your friends, spread the word on Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp and invite them to donate the 5x1000 to Borgo di Opi!

We wish to thank all those who over the years have wanted to support the Association and those who still want to do so.

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