Who we are

“Pro Loco Opi” was established in the Spring of 1976, registered at the Regional Register of Pro Loco with DPGR at 25 February 9, 1977, and is part of the Pro Loco d’Italia National Union (UNPLI). It is a public, non-profit, non-profit, public-interest partnership aimed at promoting and protecting the territory at 360 °; In fact, it feels essential to offer the tourist an image of the Lessons understood as the absolute unicum, in which every day harmoniously blend the various tourist, cultural, natural, historical, social and enogastronomic aspects.The mission of the Pro Loco of Opi is to combine the protection and preservation of local specialties with the vocation to the development of social growth and the improvement of well-being.The inspirational values ​​of the Pro Loco Oppi work are volunteering, collaboration, creating value for the community, being the “place” of human and social relationships, all “in favor of the territory” in collaboration and in synergy with other entities and organizations.For the achievement of its aims, the Pro Loco di Opi:

  • • Promotes the culture of hospitality and tourist information by taking care of the Tourist Office, open throughout the year.
  • • Contributes to improving the quality of life of the municipality, both for citizens and for tourists; offers logistic support to other Associations and to all citizens of Opi, providing photojournalists, PCs with printer, fax service, Wi-fi connection with internet point workstations.
  • • Develops social activities: it is entrusted with the municipal library, rich in books on the flora and fauna of the Abruzzo Park and on architectural treasures, it manages the museum “Once upon a time” and the Museum of Skiing and Mountain
  • • Promotes cultural events, organizes conventions, educational courses, concerts, guided tours and eventsPRO LOCO DIRECTIVE COUNCIL President: Di Rocco Carlo Vice President: Paglia Giorgio Secretary: Cimini Grazia Councilors: Alessi Concetta, Boccia Simone, Fabio Cimini, Giuseppe Difrancesco, De Sanctis Maria, Ricci Alberto, Ricci Emidio, Tatti Vincenzo.   COLLEGE OF AUDITORS President: Di Marino Andrea Actual members: Mario Cimini, Tatti M.Giovanna, Tatti Paride.   PROBI VIRI COLLEGE President: Sgammotta Vincenzo Member: Don Angelo Rossi   BABY MANAGEMENT COUNCIL President: Sgammotta Erika Vice President: Serone Angelo Councilors: Cimini Valeria, Ferrazza Antonio, Ferrazza Martina