The necropoles of Val Fondillo

The necropolis of Val Fondillo is part of the framework of the tombs in Abruzzo.

The excavations, carried out in ’94 and ’96, brought to light more than one hundred burial tombs, characterized by a limestone or a simple terry pit.

The tombs are arranged in parallel concentric rows that form circles and most likely belonged to three different families.

The deceased is in supine position and next to the body has a personal set consisting solely of bronze and iron objects. Weapons for men (spears, daggers, stamens, jaded worms), while for women ornamental objects like bracelets, amber necklaces, chatelaines rings, pendants.

Common to both sexes is the presence of bronze basins containing food remains, possibly linked to funeral rituals, and iron-like fibers of the “draft” type that probably closed the shroud that wound the deceased.

The richest tombs have a “storage room” consisting of slabs and large pebbles that protect the ceramic kit made up of a large beak with smaller vessels such as bowls, cups and anchors.