Trasuta e Sposa (August)

Great success and strong participation have obtained the past editions of the musical born in our country “Trasuta e Sposa”. A parade of wedding dresses, the memory of past moments, a magical atmosphere, these are the ingredients of the evening. The event is part of a project (started a few years ago) and aimed at the rediscovery of ancient traditions. “Trasuta e Sposa” recounts the transformations of the marriage ritual; the “Trasuta” (official entry of the groom to the bride’s house), the serenade, the wedding day, and the changes that occurred in the fashion that changed the wedding dress, in harmony with the historical and social changes. To tell the story and wear the gorgeous clothes will be local women who will fall in the part as in the most electrifying day of existence. The event is part of the important project “National Day of Dialect and Local Languages”, accredited at the UNESCO Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage. The primary objective is to preserve the historical memory linked to the environmental conditions, customs and primary needs of the population of Opi, present until just over a century ago and contribute at the same time, to promote tourism attentive to the peculiar characteristics, thus engaging the entire population. “In the world every 14 days a local language disappears bringing with it traditions, history, culture – said the President of the National Union of Pro Loco of Italy, Claudio Nardocci – Le Pro Loco have raised this cry of alarm on the phenomenon . Local languages ​​are the glue that binds us to our roots ».